Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gamer Beware

I am GameMasterZer0 (GMO) and I am a video gamer addict. No… correction, I am GameMasterZer0 (GMO) and I make people into video game addicts! Maybe it’s my sleek style, my devilish charm, or maybe my passion of video games that hypnotizes your senses to make you drift just a tad bit farther into the rabbit hole. My goal is to take you on an adventure. No… my goal is to make you experience the game in such a matter, that you truly believe you were God. You could die a million times, fly across the world, be the richest person in the land. Rules didn’t apply; even Newton’s three laws were child’s play. When you used my codes, you saw the game through my eyes. You experienced the game how I played it. Unlimited lives, health, energy, ammo, everything unlock, etc. Gamer Beware! There is something much worse than bricking your Wii, crashing your PC, getting dominated (OWNED) in multiplayer, corrupting your PS2 memory card, or getting your 360 gamer tag banned. For me it’s Diabetes.

I am GameMasterZer0, and I am living with Type II Diabetes. I intake too much sugar; where my body doesn’t produce enough energy to spread out, to the rest of my body. My body has to do something with the sugar whether it get absorbed into my eyes to temporarily blind me for hours at a time. The sugar will spill over into my urine making me constantly urinate. The piss will happen so frequently that I find myself constantly waking up, in the middle of the night to pee. Three, four, even five times a night. I used to not sleep much. I used to sleep only three to four hours a night, but when diabetes caught up to me… it went to two to three nights. I was constantly thirsty and would chug water. I could drink a gallon of water and pill it out five minutes later.

If this is something you do not want to continue reading then stop now.

Note: Diabetes is hereditary and mainly occurs in Asian, Hispanic, and African cultures

I am a caffeine freak, it’s in my nature. You can put a two liter of soda in front of me and it would be gone. Give me a two liter of pop with all my meals and they would all be gone. Note who I am; GMO, if you do not know the name then google it. I always wasn’t a console hacker. I used to just be the more than average gamer. I would go to Jewel (Grocery Store) or a gas station and read the code sections of Tips & Tricks, Game Pro, EGM, Nintendo Power, and PSX/PSM. I would stand there memorizing codes for games, even codes for games I didn’t own or for systems I didn’t have. I got to the point where I could tell you ABACABB at the Midway screen was the Blood Code for Mortal Kombat on Genesis or Down R Up L Y B at the Capcom screen would let you pick the same characters for Street Figher II World Warrior on SNES. It got to an even greater point where I was making my own code books and my cousin’s friends would call me for codes. That was me in the third grade. Let us fast forward eight years to where I started my senior year of High School (Lane) and the Playstation2 had their midnight launch at Target (General Store). I was excited that my brother brought home two PS2s! It got to the point where I didn’t even eat lunch at school just to save money to buy PS2 games. It didn’t help that Toys R’ Us (TRU) was down the block; LOL. One day I went to TRU to buy Knockout Kings 2001, and pre order two copies of Gran Turismo 3, but then I saw the purple box. They released Gameshark2 v1.0 for the PS2 (with Dongle). I froze for a second; this was my time to shine since PSX was dominated by code generators and GSCCC. My first attempt at PS2 hacking was fail. The only games I had at the time was Knockout Kings 2001 and Dark Cloud. Two months later and MANY factory resets, Metal Gear Solid 2 – Sons of Liberty came out. I got it the first day, and stalked the Game Shark (Interact at the time) forums, and two codes were released; Master Code and Infinite SOCOM Ammo (Tanker Mission). I was determined to shine.

I got my game chair (3 Pillows), notebook with pencil, large cup of ice, and two 2-Liters of Coke. I stayed up the whole night which paid off since I was able to hack out all the items as well as both Current and Max Ammo codes for all the weapons, on the Tanker Mission (Snake). This was the night that started my body’s destruction sequence. Tick, tick, tick, tick. Night after night, 2-Liters of pop, cans of soda, chips (BBQ), and food just piled up everywhere (maybe I was pre-hoarding, NOOOO!). I just couldn’t get away from the screen. It got me and it devoured me! I was addicted to making codes, and I didn’t care what the game was. Give me a master code (Enabler) and I would do my best and it would usually pay off. Fast forward a couple years… I am in college (Wright) and I am holding down a job working for Namco at Cyberstation (HIP). I would always buy games with my pay checks; I always had soda, chips, and candy (M&Ms and Snickers). Every night I was making codes; sometimes I didn’t even sleep. I would go to school, but I would end up ditching class to go hand out in the computer lab to be online the whole day. I was actually posting on the Game Shark (Interact) forums back then. It was codes or talking about them 24/7. I still remember the SPAM threads were Nick and FNG had to get their stars next to their names. LOL, good times even had Ballysto, God of Wine, and Zork help me spam to get mine. I met the love of my life Jen at college. She could tell you about my pre-hoarding days.

Fast forwarding a couple years; it’s Aprill 2008. I am working as an Interstate Moving Broker. My day consisted of waking up, showering, catching the Diversey and Central buses, hit up the 7-Eleven for chocolate milk and Gatorade, and then do the whole nine to five. On top of that, everyday for lunch I had Little Caesar’s Pizza with an energy drink (Monster, Java Monster, or Cherry Bawls). Then the worse most completely horrible thing happened… I became addicted to World of Warcraft(WoW)! The PvP aspect of it actually; I could grind honor night afater night to get my full Level 60 Warlord Set with the Unstoppable 2H Mace. I even grinded honor for my best friend Sal’s rouge can have two gladiator swords. Took two days actually would normally takes people weeks to do (good times). Now let us see…

Junk food, energy drinks, chocolate milk, and pizzia five days a week for about a year and a half… Yeah, I crashed! Sal actually had to drive me home. I crashed and I crashed hard. I literally was in bed for two days. I thought I crashed from the lack of sleep and WoW. For the next two weeks, my vision was getting blurry. For times I couldn’t see anything but shadows, or I was constantly squinting at the monitor, and I couldn’t even read the text messages from my cell. I thought I need to get glasses since I am the only person in my family who doesn’t have glasses.

My health was getting worse. I couldn’t sleep because I had to urinate nine times a night, constant touch aches (I became addicted to Advil), my hands were constantly sweaty/moist. Jen didn’t like to hold my hands or having my hand on her thigh because she could feel the sweat. There was times I would wake up crying in pain; a pain in the middle of my chest. My body would lock up, and I couldn’t sit up. I actually had to roll on my stomach to do a push up to get out of bed. Now at this time, I was a pretty big guy; Big Pun proportions (no disrespect). I got fired from my job because my boss at the time was a shady person, but the money was good. But I was starting to have all those health issues, and I didn’t want to see a doctor. One, I was scared it would be bad. Two, I do not like doctors in general. Three, I was on the last month of Insurance payments. I was on unemployment for a while and the economy took a hit. Detroit got fucked with the Ford plant closing and no one was moving. I couldn’t find another job as an Interstate broker. I even had my account deactivated because I knew my former boss knew my password (Key logger), and I was well known for my research on the site. I needed some type of income and my unemployment got cut. Even after I filled for an extension, I had to sell my comics, movies, and games. I even did the whole donate blood and did the medical studies that pay you. There was this one study called SOL (Study of Latinos); I being Puerto Rican qualified for it. SOL is probably the second biggest reason why I am still alive (First, being my wife Jen). I just went in thinking this will be an easy fifty bucks, so I let them do all the tests (Urine, blood, hearing, heart, Cholesterol, and breathing). I even was given a machine to test for Sleep Apnea (which I have as well). My blood didn’t want to come out and this was like the only day I didn’t have to piss like a race horse. About twenty minutes later I finally was able to pee. They ordered lunch for me and my brother (he was testing also), but let us just say I didn’t get a chance to eat. My urine test came back positive for Ketones 160++ and my Blood Sugar Reading came back over 350. “They procedure for this is to send you to the Emergency Room, which hospital would you like us to take you to?” WTF?! This is probably the only time I called my mother and said, “So yeah… they are sending me to the ER. So um yeah Masonic, Swedish Covenant, or Norwegian?” Long story short ER, three hours, Cartoon Network, injected with IV filled with a 2-Liter of H2O, Blood Sugar Reading 200 and dropping, 1500mg of Metformin, and an $18,000 bill to finish it off ($5000 was 3 hours of the ER’s time with no insurance).

This was the life I chose, this is what I embraced. This is me. Why? Did I hack every game I came across to be socially accepted in the code hacking community? At the beginning, yes I did. After two weeks, no I wasn’t worth it. Code hacking was just a rush, my quick fix (Oh a drug, seriously? No.) The sense of accomplishmentJ. It came from the response and feedback I received. Maybe it was the praise I received that boosted my ego, but that was all just piece of mind. I do this for the love of it, but that just impresses me and the people who use my codes. This is something I like to do. It doesn’t require school, a college degree, a special field of engineering, or a super computer. Yet, that stuff may help you expand more the subject. I do not need to know how to build a cheat device to make codes for it. So many times I have heard, “You are doing this? It looks so complicated, but you are doing it with ease. You shouldn’t be working here. You should be working on computers at some type of nine to five making big bucks.” STFU I am tired of hearing that! If that was possible I would be CMX.

This is my hobby; I do this in my spare time. This is not complicated, you are just afraid of doing something wrong that you are not willing to take a chance on something.

This is not complicated! It’s 10% Math, 10% Reading, 10% Following Directions, and 70% common sense. This may sound preachy, but we all need a reality check from time to time.